The Red Spider Project

Coding and xkcd combined, for fun!

This project is maintained by the-xkcd-community

Wait, what?

The project is like a small, self-contained operating system layered on top of your actual operating system. xkcd provides the background theme, which makes the programs potentially amusing, interesting or touching. People can add programs at will. It's an open-ended process without deadlines or a final goal and we're very open to ideas, programming languages and all people. If you like coding and xkcd too, please consider joining the project!


In case you're full of questions, we have a Readme and a wiki. If you wonder who we are or want to introduce yourself or your idea, check out our thread at the xkcd forums. We also have an IRC channel: #redspider at If you want to help out, please have a look at our issues. If you need inspiration, try our list of free ideas.


our logo

Joey (aka tidbit) designed our splendid logo. Let us know what you think at the forums! The SVG source is in our repository, but note that you need to have the Segoe Print font installed in order to reproduce the images linked below.

About this page

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